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"Hand-Held Devices"

Hydro-Force Series Hand-Held Chemical Spray Devices: open

PepperJet: open

X-10 OC Cell Extention Device: open

X-10SW Hand-held Sprayer: open

X-Stream Backpack: open

X10 Filling Station: open

Other OC Systems

WRS Shipboard: open

Pepper Fence: open

Room Guard: open

OC Smoke: open

OC Powder Dispenser: open

"First-Responder Annunciator Products"

Border Protection

Display Systems for First Responders and Dedicated Patrols: open

Port Runner Suppression System (PRSS): open

Pedestrian Port Runner Control System: open

Heavy Duty Tire Shredders (MANTIS): open

PRSS Satellite Controller: open

Combi-Pole: open

Low Voltage Remote Control Interface (RCI): open

Barrier Remote Control Interface (BCI): open

LPOE Cross-border Wireless Alarm Systems: open

Custom Engineered
Pepper Spray Systems


Room Guard (see Other OC Systems): open

Roving Vehicle: open

WRS Shipboard (see Other OC Systems): open

Engineering & Consulting Services

Services and Personnel: open

Services and Capabilities: open

Sandy Creek Test Center: open

Intelligent Solutions: open

Accessories & Supplies

X10 Accessories: open