Our Hydro-Force Series of less-than-lethal hand-held chemical spray devices feature Optimum Pressure Technology. The high pressure canisters (550-650 psi) produce a long-range wide-angle fog reaching up to 60 feet. The devices are easy to fill and operate, especially using our X-10 filling station. All devices feature a safe mixture of pepper spray and water and are FDA-approved as “food” chemicals. The spray solution is biodegradable and environmentally safe. Pepper spray has proven effective for covering a large crowd or pinpointing specific individuals. (See our Crowd Control Technical Note.) All of our hand-held devices are simple to operate and field refillable. Go to VIDEOS to see how the Hydro-Force Series hand-held devices work in action.

Item #6300 • Model PS-1 PepperJet1
The PepperJet is a high pressure OC or pepper spray weapon specifically designed for control of large groups or combatants in hard-to-reach locations. PepperJet takes an earlier idea for a tear gas sprayer and adds the features requested by our customers. For more information, you may download brochure from the Publications page.

X-10 Cell Extention Device
Item #6000 • Model X-10
The X-10 is a safe and X10CellExtraction1useful tool used during cell extentions to increase safety for both officers and inmates. The X-10 allows officers to push back an inmate's barricade and introduce an oleoresin capsicum, or pepper spray, fog into the cell. The pepper spray helps subdue the belligerent inmate, allowing officers to enter the cell safely. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.

X-10SW Hand-Held Sprayer
Item #6200 • Model X-10SW

The X-10SW hand-held sprayer, or spray wand, provides convenient pepper spray (oleoresin capsicum) dispensing using a gun-grip handle The spray wand is particularly useful with riot shields by operating the X10SWHeldSprayer1nozzle through a small hole in the shield. The officer holds the shield with one arm and operates the spray wand with the opposite hand. The shooting distance can be up to 43 feet with up to 50 shots before refilling. The pepper spray solution is carried in an adjustable backpack, easily removable for refilling. A selection of spray tips are available. High pressure swivel fittings allow easy wand movement and either right or left hand operation. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.

X-Stream Backpack
Item #6410 • Model X-S
The X-Stream is a two-bottle OC (pepper spray) compressed air powered ejXStreamBackPack1ector weapon designed for use during large disturbances. The two bottles are a breathing air pressure bottle and a chemical storage bottle. The backpack connects to a hand-held spray nozzle via a very flexible two-hose high pressure hose system. The X-Stream uses Optimum Pressure Technology (OPT)™ to generate micron-sized fog particles. The pepper spray fog is very effective for controlling combative behavior, stopping disturbances in seconds and reducing the possibility of injuries. The X-Stream contains more than 200 chemical shots yet weighs less than 25 pounds filled and charged. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.


Filling Station

  • Fast and easy refilling
  • Compact size
  • Easy to move, easy to store
  • Stores materials for 12 refills
  • Locked compartment for tools

X10FillingStation1The new X-10 Portable Filling Station complements the entire line of OPT™ less-than-lethal weapon systems. The unit stores materials for 12 refills and propellent for 50 or more refills. Its hand-truck design can easily be moved up and down ramps and steps and requires only 24 inches of vertical space for storage. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.



Priax Corporation has additional products under development. Products that are in the design phase or in field test are included here. Please contact us if you are interested in testing or purchasing any of these products.

WRS Shipboard WRSShipboard1

The Surface Ship Force Protection solution (WRSS) adapts the Water Restraint System (WRS) to shipboard use. WRSS combines a high pressure water stream with chemical pepper (oleoresin capsicum) to provide quick disruption of an attack on a ship in port or at sea.
OC or pepper spray is injected into the ship’s existing firefighting system (Salt water does not alter the chemical composition of OC.)
The WRSS is simple to install and use. Because ship’s personnel will be using the existing ship system, minimal training is required.
For more information, you may download the WRS Shipboard brochure from our
Publications page.


Pepper Fence

Pepper Fence is a new, unique system combining a perimeter barrier with a chemical agent to stop or significantly delay any intruder. Pepper Fence provides a fast acting and effective barrier by rapidly deploying a large pepper spray cloud of very fine mist particles upon activation.
Pepper Fence is normally installed in conjunction with a physical barrier such as a metal or chain link fence. The metal fence provides the physical barrier and the Pepper Fence provides the deterrent for cutting or climbing over the fence. The pepper cloud rapidly forms when activated, providing a barrier cloud that disables the attacker and makes it impossible to climb or compromise the barrier.
Pepper Fence utilizes the Hydro-Force Series pepper spray solutions that are biodegradable and environmentally friendly because they are manufactured from all natural food-grade ingredients. Once released, the pepper spray chemicals are degraded within a few days when subjected to the effects of sun and air.
For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.

Room Guard
A YardGuard Mini-Gun System (MGS).
For Inside Institution Uses.

The success of the original YardGuard providing positive inmate control in outdoor areas has led to many requests for a YardGuard system that can be utilized within indoor areas. In response to these requests we have developed the new RoomGuard system, specifically designed to use the successful YardGuard features in an inside room or exercise yard.
RoomGuard is a self-contained high pressure, low velocity water system capable of shooting short water pulses at targets up to 80 feet away. The short water pulses release a minimum amount of solution while being completely saturating the target with pepper spray. The water pulse, when contacting the target, saturates the target’s clothing and atomizes to saturate the air around the target. Each pulse uses approximately two gallons of water with pepper spray. This small amount of material is easy to clean up. The water pulse “bullet” is traveling at approximately 120 miles per hour and is safe to targets beyond a minimum distance of 10 feet.
RoomGuard is completely contained in an enclosure that can be wall, ceiling or post mounted. The complete system, less control panel, is contained in an enclosure 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep by 4 feet in height. The RoomGuard nozzle is a straight bore type specifically engineered to provide a pulse (bullet) of water with minimal side spray. A special valve on the end of the nozzle caps the nozzle when not in use and prevents dripping.
For more information, download the brochure from our
Publications page.


OC Smoke

The OC Smoke system is a portable, back-packable unit that can rapidly deploy a very large volume of smoke laced with pepper spray, filling a large room or small house with OC smoke in just a few seconds. Priax and an associate company have finalized development and are beginning to test the OC Smoke system.
OC smoke features both the obscuration (clouding) of smoke and the breathing and seeing difficulties caused by pepper spray. Persons in the room when OC smoke is released will experience a white cloud, making it difficult to see while also suffering coughing and tearing of eyes. Persons so affected will be forced from the room with no ability to fight back since they will be consumed with the problems caused by the smoke.
The OC smoke system will provide SWAT personnel the opportunity of pushing combative persons from a room or house without violence to officers or others.
For more information, download the brochure from our Publications page.


OC Powder Dispenser

The X-10 OC Powder Dispenser uses the same Optimum Pressure Technology as our other hand-held devices. This sprayer produces a high potency pepper spray powder fog that hangs in the air. The powder is suitable for use either indoors or outdoors. However, when used outdoors, the wind direction must be noted so the powder cloud does not drift over the officers.
The powder fog has a pronounced effect on the eyes and breathing. When even small amounts of powder are present, the eyes will tear and shut instantly, nasal passages will close, and breathing will be difficult. Because the powder produces a cloud of very fine material, the OC fog will linger much longer than liquid particles, which fall out of the air quickly.
For more information, you may download the brochure from our
Publications page.



All items in this section are available to purchase on the GSA Advantage! site. A click on the GSA logo will take you there in a pop-up window. You will be able to return to this site at any time. At the GSA Advantage Search window, enter PRIAX CORPORATION or the contract number: GSA-07F-0314T and a list of our products will appear.

X-10 Accessories
Several accessories are available for the X-10 hand-held devices. A brief description is given here. More information is available from the X10 Accessories brochure. You may download the brochure from our Publications page.

Wall Mounting Bracket

The X-10BK allows easy X-10 Extension Device storage when not in use. The heavy metal mounting bracket can be either wall mounted or railing mounted using two pipe clamps. The X-10BK is designed to hold the X-10 Extension Device with X-10C chemical cylinder included. The X-10 can be held at the food port plate or hung from the handle. The bracket can also be used to store the chemical cylinders alone.

Chemical Cylinders

Each X-10 OC Extension Device or X-10SW Hand-held Sprayer requires a chemical cylinder. Chemical cylinders can be interchanged between the X-10 and X-10SW. The standard X-10C chemical cylinder provides 1-liter chemical capacity. A 1-liter bottle will provide about 13 bursts of chemical, each containing about 7 grams of OC. The X-10D 2-liter bottle provides approximately 25 bursts. The 1-liter cylinder is recommended for use with the X-10. The 1-liter or 2-liter is recommended for use with the X-10SW.

Soothe-Away Plus™ OC Neutralizer

Soothe-Away Plus OC Neutralizer is a companion product to products using oleoresin capsicum (OC). Soothe-Away Plus dissipates the burning sensation created when OC comes in contact with skin. Installations using OC should have Soothe-Away Plus on hand for operators, maintenance personnel, and inmates or other subjects who handle or are marked by OC. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Concentrate
Oleoresin capsicum, or pepper spray, is a very effective less-than-lethal weapon. It is much safer and more environmentally friendly than previously used tear gas substances, CS and CN. OC solutions made from our concentrate are biodegradable, nonflammable, and easy to clean. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.

RS-1 (Refilling Solution)

Chemical Refilling Kit

The refilling kit (Model RFK-1) consists of a refilling hose, funnel, leak detector fluid, replacement “O” rings and CO2 washers, Teflon tape, safety glasses, face mask, lubricant, Soothe-Away Plus OC neutralizer, Latex gloves, written instructions, and a convenient storage box. One refilling kit is recommended for each refilling location or facility that uses the X-10 chemical cylinders. One refilling kit is recommended for each chemical type loaded: oleoresin capsicum or inert solution.

Spray Wand Tips
Three accessory spray wand tips are available for use with the X-10SW hand-held sprayer. One straight or one Salinas wide angle tip is provided with purchase of the X-10SW.

6210 Straight tip, 6-inch. Fits X-10SW gun-grip sprayer. Used for straight chemical shooting up to 45 feet.

6220 Salinas wide, 6-inch. Fits X-10SW gun-grip sprayer. Used for 45-degree wide spray with up, down, or sideways shooting.

6230 Flex extension, 18-inch, straight tip. Fits X-10SW gun-grip sprayer. Used for shooting under doors, around corners, etc., with up to 30-foot spray distance.

PepperJet Adapter Item No. 6305

Model PJ-10
This adapter is required to fill the PepperJet when using the quick release hose contained in the Refilling Kit and the Filling Station.

PepperJet Extension HoseItem No. 6410

Model PJ-15
The 6-foot extension hose allows PepperJet OC fog delivery around corners, under doors, and in hard-to-reach areas.