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Emergency inmate/crowd controlYardGuard

The YardGuard is a second generation water restraint system. The new YardGuard is completely self-contained and modular. The system is easy to install, simple to maintain, and provides even easier and faster target acquisition and inmate control.

The new system utilizes the YardGuard nozzle control system. This system automatically varies the nozzle pattern from a straight stream to a fog stream depending on the shooting direction and distance. The nozzle stream is controlled by the PLC computerized control system that can be programmed to provide automatic coverage regardless of the coverage area.

The YardGuard system utilizes a direct injection system rather than the high pressure air system used by the original WRS. The YardGuard stores all chemical at atmospheric pressure. The control system uses pressure information to adjust the chemical injection precisely.

For more information, you may download the YardGuard brochure from our Publications page and view the video on the Video page.


A YardGuard Mini-Gun System (MGS)
For Inside Institution Uses

The success of the original YardGuard providing positive inmate control in outdoor areas has led to many requests for a YardGuard system that can be utilized within indoor areas. In response to these requests we have developed the new RoomGuard system, specifically designed to use the successful YardGuard features in an inside room or exercise yard.

RoomGuard is a self-contained high pressure, low velocity water system capable of shooting short water pulses at targets up to 80 feet away. The short water pulses release a minimum amount of solution while being completely saturating the target with pepper spray. The water pulse, when contacting the target, saturates the target’s clothing and atomizes to saturate the air around the target. Each pulse uses approximately two gallons of water with pepper spray. This small amount of material is easy to clean up. The water pulse “bullet” is traveling at approximately 120 miles per hour and is safe to targets beyond a minimum distance of 10 feet.

RoomGuard is completely contained in an enclosure that can be wall, ceiling or post mounted. The complete system, less control panel, is contained in an enclosure 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep by 4 feet in height. The RoomGuard nozzle is a straight bore type specifically engineered to provide a pulse (bullet) of water with minimal side spray. A special valve on the end of the nozzle caps the nozzle when not in use and prevents dripping.

For more information, download the brochure from our Publications page.


The WRS Roving Vehicle (WRS-RV) was developed to provide emergency inmate and crowd control in a compact, movable pepper spray delivery system. The WRS-RV design supports rapid deployment and rapid response. The system can be manually driven or operated by remote control.

The WRS-RV is a heavy duty, low-slung vehicle that is self-contained and impervious to damage by rioters or inmates. The top and sides are metal plate. The tires are protected by removable panels. The controls for driving and nozzle control are located under an access panel at the rear of the vehicle. The nozzle is retracted when not being used and stored under a sliding panel located on top of the vehicle.

An on-board video system consists of two cameras: one located on the nozzle and one looking forward from the vehicle. A character generator displays key system information superimposed on the video display.

The on-board countermeasures system consists of six spray nozzles located on the sides, front, and top of the vehicle. On command, either manual or remote control, the nozzles spray a fog of high potency OC (pepper spray). The countermeasures fog potency is much higher than normal pepper spray strength to discourage an attack on the vehicle.

For more information on the WRS-RV, please download the brochure from our Publications page.


The Surface Ship Force Protection solution (WRSS) adapts the Water Restraint System (WRS) to shipboard use. WRSS combines a high-pressure water stream with chemical pepper (oleoresin capsicum) to provide quick disruption of an attack on a ship in port or at sea.

OC or pepper spray is injected into the ship’s existing firefighting system (Salt water does not alter the chemical composition of OC.)

The WRSS is simple to install and use. Because ship’s personnel will be using the existing ship system, minimal training is required.

For more information, you may download the WRS Shipboard brochure from our Publications page.