Priax Corporation has experience in several different areas of engineering design, development, and documentation. The following references are divided by discipline as follows: System Design, Product Development, Grant Preparation and Personal.


System Design Capabilities References

Larry Small, Warden (Retired)

California Department of Corrections

(Living in Mississippi)

Phone: (877) 477-4345

Email: lsa@lfsmall.com


Frank Begovich, Manufacturer’s Representative

Whitaker Security

Alexandria, VA

Phone: (703) 768-5025

Email: frank.begovich@gmail.com


Ron Ormsby, Captain (Retired)

California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

Sacramento, CA

Phone: (916) 324-6318

Email: ron.ormsby@cdcr.ca.gov


Mark Dickerson, Project Manager

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 514-6654

Email: mhdickerson@bop.gov


Jerry Christensen, Exec. Vice President

ILD Technologies

San Antonio, TX

Phone: (210) 545-4171

Email: jchristenson@ildtechnologies.com


William Mynatt, Contracting Officer

Customs & Border Protection

Department of Homeland Security

6650 Telecom Drive, Suite 100


Indianapolis, IN 46278

Phone: (317) 614-4579

Email: william.mynatt@dhs.gov


Brad Zerwas, Program Manager

Customs & Border Protection

Department of Homeland Security

610 West Ash Street, Ste. 1200

San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 652-9966, Ext. 125

Email: brad.zerwas@dhs.gov


Neil Shaw, Acoustical Engineer

Menlo Scientific Acoustics

Topanga, CA

Phone: (310) 455-2221

Email: menlo@ieee.org


Haim Perry, Executive Vice President

Safeguards Technology

Hackensack, NJ

Phone: (201) 488-1022

Email: haimperry@safeguards.com


Jim Walsh, President

Detekion Security Systems

Vestal, NY

Phone: (607) 729-7179

Email: j.walsh@detekion.com


Buford Goff, Security Consultant

Buford Goff & Associates

Columbia, SC

Phone: (803) 254-6302

Email: buford.goff@bgainc.com



Product Development References

Larry Cothran, Correctional Systems Consultant

National Institute of Justice

Sparks, NV

Phone: (916) 213-1208

Email: cothran@law-west.org


Chris Worland, Executive Director

Technology Transfer Committee

California Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

Sacramento, CA

Phone: (916) 327-2403

Email: chris.worland@cdcr.ca.gov


Wayne Barte, Deputy Director

Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization

Wheeling, WV

Phone: (304) 230-2301

Email: wbarte@oletc.org


Tom Lambert, Armory & Lock Specialist (Retired)

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Atlanta, VA

Phone: (678) 686-1335

Email: lambello@msn.com


Jim Murtha, Chief, Lock Shop and Armory Operations

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Washington, D.C.

Phone: (202) 353-4200

Email: JMurtha@bop.gov


Mike Epstein, Project Director

National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center

Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (888) 548-1618

Email: epstein@law-west.org


Martha Lee, President

Magal-Senstar U.S.

Fremont, CA

Phone: (510) 249-1450

Email: m.lee@perimeterproducts.com


Bob Kelly, Manufacturer’s Representative

R. D. Kelly Sales

Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (310) 318-8815

Email: bobkelly@dslextreme.com


Grant Preparation References

John Shacklett, Grant Coordinator/Football Coach (Retired)

San Diego School District

San Diego, CA

Phone: (619) 469-6639

Email: tigershack2000@yahoo.com


Lew Silverberg, Attorney (Retired)/Venture Capitalist

El Cajon, CA

Phone: (619) 588-8083

Email: lew@the-silverbergs.net



Personal References

Bill Cooper, Special Assistant to Congressman Duncan Hunter

Office of Congressman Duncan Hunter

La Mesa, CA

Phone: (619) 461-0306

Email: bcoop1116@aol.com


Bob Urban, Director (Retired)

Naval Air Warfare Center

Venice, FL

Phone: (941) 485-2123

Email: urbans@worldnet.att.net


Robert Ames, Attorney (Retired)

San Diego, CA

Phone: (619) 226-8505

Email: r.ames@cox.net