01-98 Review of Operations, HWRS Installation at CSP Calipatria. December 1, 1998: open

01-99 ProtectoJet Model 5, Modification for Shooting in the Down Direction, April 15, 1999: open

02-99R Making Sense of OC Strengths Used in Less-Lethal Weapons and Defense Sprays, Updated November 28, 2006: open

05-00 Recommended Application of Soothe-Away Plus™: open

04-00 ProtectoJet Model 5, Adapter with Gauge for Assistance When Filling, September 21, 2000: open

01-00 Filling of the X-10 BRD and Model 5 ProtectoJet Units, Use of Nitrogen vs. CO2 as the Propellant, August 11, 2000: open

03-00 Water Restraint System, Nozzle Pressure and Piping Considerations, July 3, 2000:open

02-00 Water Restraint System, Electrical and Water Utility Requirements and Connections, June 30, 2000: open

15-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Maintenance Procedure for Danfoss Pilot Valves, December 27, 2001: open

14-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Maintenance Procedure for Warner Electric Gear Box, December 18, 2001: open

13-01 (Preliminary)—Water Restraint System (WRS), Installation Modifications for Cold Weather Environments, December 7, 2001: open

10-01A Water Restraint System (WRS), Test Procedure for the Level Gauge System, Rev. October 17, 2001:open

03-01A Water Restraint System (WRS), Water Pump and Compressor Settings and Connections, Rev. October 17, 2001: open

01-01A Water Restraint System (WRS), Installation of Metering Valve. Rev. October 17, 2001: open

12-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Microcomputer Firmware Configuration Management, September 10, 2001: open

11-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Video Monitor Screen, Explanation of System Status Information, August 26, 2001: open

02-01A Water Restraint System (WRS), Chemical Strengths in Solution of Pulsed Delivery, Rev. August 25, 2001: open

07-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Installing the Facility Name Using a PC Input Device, Rev. August 9, 2001: open

09-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Adjustment of Nozzle Valve Kinetrol Unit, May 29, 2001: open

08-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Installing the 480-120 VAC Transformer into the Power Control Enclosure, May 29, 2001: open

06-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Applying Target to HWRS Screen, May 3, 2001: open

04-01 Oleoresin Capsicum Differences, Methelyne Chloride OC vs. Water-Based OC, April 30, 2001: open

05-01 Water Restraint System (WRS), Summary of VCR Programming and Operation, March 22, 2001: open

04-02 Water Restraint System (WRS), Power and System Control Panels Fuse Locations and Sizes, February 21, 2002: open

03-02 Water Restraint System (WRS), Power Control Panel Auxiliary Relay Contacts, January 18, 2002: open

02-02 Water Restraint System (WRS), Adjustment Procedure for Astron LS-35A Power Supply, January 7, 2002: open

01-02 Water Restraint System (WRS), Maintenance Procedure for Bermad Water Valve, January 2, 2002: open

01-03 Water Restraint System (WRS), Winterizing and De-Winterizing Guidelines, March 24, 2003: open

01-04 Effectiveness and Safety of Pepper Spray, January 21, 2004: open

01-06R Hydro-Force Series Optimum Pressure Technology Recertification of Chemical Cylinders, Revised April 19, 2007: open