Priax Corporation has significant experience in several areas of communications & security engineering design and development. For this reason, the past experience is divided in the following categories: Electronic Product Design and Development, Chemical Product Design and Development, Integrated Systems Design and Consulting, Integrated Systems Design and Installation, Grant Preparation, Technical Documentation and Sandy Creek Test Center.


Electronic Product Design & Development:

• Solid State harsh environment intercom system (drive-thru)

• Microprocessor-based auto detection system

• Environmental noise adjusted intercommunications system

• Secur-Net courtroom security system

• Correctional institution locking control system

• Mobile Map Plus radio-graphic display system

• Large format graphic display system

• Roving alarm notification system (RANS)

• RANS-Video (under development)

• RANS-Ultima (under development)

Chemical Product and System Design and Development:

• Water restraint system (WRS)

• X-10 cell extraction/barricade removal device

• PepperJet

• X-10SW hand-held sprayer

• X-Stream

• Shipboard WRS

• Area denial system

• OC Smoke (under development)

• Paladin active deterrent barrier (under development)


Integrated Systems Design and Consulting:

• George Bailey Detention Center, San Diego Physical and perimeter and security design and specifications

• Las Colinas Detention Center, Santee, CA Chemical Product and System Design and Development

• California Institution for Men, Chino, CA Perimeter security evaluation and recommendations California Rehabilitation Center Perimeter security evaluation and recommendations

• O’Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL Perimeter security radio communications

• California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Electrified fence graphics and radio communications Water restraint system custom design for unique installation

• Federal Bureau of Prisons Perimeter security communications systems

• Kirkland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM Homeland Security radiation detection system Video and radio communications system

• Port of Oakland, CA Waterside security and communications design

• City of Palo Alto, CA Site Security for Utilities, plans and specifications

Integrated Systems Design and Installation (as integrating contractor):

• South Bay Regional Center, Chula Vista, CA Life safety, video surveillance and related security systems

• San Diego International Airport, San Diego, CA Public address and broadcast systems

• East County Performing Arts Center, El Cajon, CA Sound reinforcement system

• Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco, CA Emergency reporting and control/announcement system Sound reinforcement system

• Oakland Convention Center Sound reinforcement system

• Civic Center of Greater Des Moines, IA Performance theatre sound reinforcement system

• Toronto, Convention Center, Toronto, Canada Sound reinforcement system

• Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT Sound reinforcement system (portion)

• Council Chambers/Board Rooms, San Diego, CA

• Automatic sound reinforcement systems in the San Diego area Various locations

• San Ysidro Port of Entry, Preventative Maintenance for Port Runner Suppression System, design and installation of a new Command & Control computer system, hardware and software


Grant Preparation:

• Magnet Schools Assistance Grants, San Diego City Schools

• NSF Networking Infrastructure Grant, Morse High School, San Diego

• Bilingual Education Grant, San Diego City Schools

• DOJ Less Lethal Technologies Grant (Pending)


Technical Documentation:

• Technical manuals for fence alarm system company Installation, operation and troubleshooting manuals

• Technical manuals for perimeter microwave alarm system Installation, operation and troubleshooting manuals

• Technical manuals for all Empact Series radio communications systems Brochures, sales literature, installation instructions and technical support manuals

• Technical manuals for all Hydro-Force Series non-lethal chemical systems Brochures, sales literature, installation instructions and technical support manuals

• Newsletter Development and Management Company newsletter development and mailing management for various companies

• General Services Administration (GSA) Proposal Preparation Preparation of sales proposal for GSA sales

Sandy Creek Test Center (Part of Priax Corporation) Typical testing programs
(current or on-going test programs)

• Water restraint system

• RANS-Ultima encoder and UHF radio system

• RANS-Ultima receiver

• RANS-Video system (wide-band radio S-band communication system)

• Area Denial System

• X-Stream Pepper Spray backpack

• Paladin active barrier system (Pepper Fence)

• VWT encryption system (TCP/IP)