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Priax Corporation

X-10SW Hand-held Sprayer

Item 6200
Model X-10SW


Gun-grip handle and accessory spray wand tips

The X-10SW hand-held sprayer, or spray wand, provides convenient pepper spray (oleoresin capsicum) dispensing using a gun-grip handle The spray wand is particularly useful with riot shields by operating the nozzle through a small hole in the shield. The officer holds the shield with one arm and operates the spray wand with the opposite hand. The shooting distance can be up to 43 feet with up to 50 shots before refilling. The pepper spray solution is carried in an adjustable backpack, easily removable for refilling. A selection of spray tips are available. High pressure swivel fittings allow easy wand movement and either right- or left-hand operation. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.

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