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WRS YardGuard
  • Emergency inmate/crowd control
  • Based on successful WRS installations
  • All new compact enclosure design
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) System
  • Faster target acquisition
  • Automatic water stream adjustment
  • Dynamic chemical injection control

The YardGuard is a second generation water restraint system. The new YardGuard is completely self-contained and modular. The system is easy to install, simple to maintain, and provides even easier and faster target acquisition and inmate control.

The new system utilizes the YardGuard nozzle control system. This system automatically varies the nozzle pattern from a straight stream to a fog stream depending on the shooting direction and distance. The nozzle stream is controlled by the PLC computerized control system that can be programmed to provide automatic coverage regardless of the coverage area.

The YardGuard system utilizes a direct injection system rather than the high pressure air system used by the original WRS. The YardGuard stores all chemical at atmospheric pressure. The control system uses pressure information to adjust the chemical injection precisely.

For more information, you may download the YardGuard brochure from our Publications page and view the video on the Video page.

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