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WRS Shipboard
  • Safe, humane and effective
  • Minimal training
  • Minimal ship alterations
  • Minimal Hazmat storage issues
  • Immediate incapacitation

The Surface Ship Force Protection solution (WRSS) adapts the Water Restraint System (WRS) to shipboard use. WRSS combines a high pressure water stream with chemical pepper (oleoresin capsicum) to provide quick disruption of an attack on a U.S. Navy ship in port or at sea.

OC or pepper spray is injected into the ship’s existing firefighting system (Salt water does not alter the chemical composition of OC.)

The WRSS is simple to install and use. Because Navy personnel will be using the existing ship system, minimal training is required.

For more information, you may download the WRS Shipboard brochure from our Publications page.

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