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Priax Corporation

  • Emergency riot/crowd control
  • New X-Stream nozzle
  • Compact yet powerful design
  • Fits in rear compartment of the HUM-VEE
  • Automatic water stream adjustment
  • Automatic nozzle position control
  • Dynamic chemical injection control

The WRS HUM-VEE is a compact, yet powerful, water restraint system designed to fit in the rear compartment of the HUM-VEE, Models 998A2 or 1097A2. The compact WRS is a completely self-contained system that provides all major chemical delivery features of the YardGuard. Power is provided by the vehicle electrical system. The unit includes a 120-gallon water tank. Additional water supply can be provided from a water buffalo or water wagon towed behind the HUM-VEE, or the tank can be refilled from local water sources.

The WRS HUM-VEE produces a powerful water/chemical stream that can deliver chemicals up to 140 feet. The delivery is pulsed, conserving water and allowing more shots before refilling. The self-contained tank can provide up to 80 1-1/2-gallon chemical shots.

The unit weighs approximately 1,500 lbs. when unfilled and approximately 2,500 lbs. when the water tank is full. The total weight of 2,500 lbs. is well within the 4,400 pound design payload of the HUM-VEE, Model M998A2.

For more information, please download the WRS HUM-VEE brochure from our Publications page.

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