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  • Cost-saving solution
  • Portable/transportable
  • Vital signs monitoring/alarm
  • Alarm and recording

The Watcher Suicide Watch System is specially manufactured to replace the 24-hour visual officer monitoring often required in suicide risk situations. Watcher provides remote monitoring of the area, with video and audio recording, plus constant monitoring of vital signs with a remote alarm feature. Vital signs are monitored without contact with the person being monitored.

The remote unit is connected to the monitoring station using a high quality 2.4 GHz radio link. The radio link provides wireless transmission of color or black and white video, audio, and vital signs data from the person being monitored. The vital signs are monitored using a state-of-the-art very low power Doppler radar system that constantly monitors the area where the person is confined and transmits back the vital signs data (respiration and heartbeat). An information readout and alarm unit located at the monitoring point provides an alarm when the vital signs exceed predetermined limits. The alarm alerts the monitoring officer of a potential problem. The officer quickly assesses the situation using the video and audio data and can immediately dispatch other officers if necessary

For more information, download the brochure from our Publications page.

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