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Priax Corporation


Security System Design and Construction Specifications

Perimeter Protection, Access Control, Video Surveillance, Personnel and Asset Tracking

Wireless Communications Systems, Design, Specifications and Evaluation

Wireless Concept and Evaluation, System Design, Modulation techniques, On-site Interference Testing and Recommendations, Broadcast and Mesh Networking

Radio Communications Design and Testing

Spectrum Analysis, Field Testing and Licensing, Radio Path Analysis, Equipment Selection and Specification Preparation

Renewable Energy Resources Design and Evaluation

Remote Location Energy Sources, Commercial Energy Offsets, Smart House Energy Systems, System Integration

Technical Documentation

Grant Proposal Preparation, GSA Applications, Plans, Specifications, Training Programs, Technical Manuals

Project Management

Integrated System Testing and Evaluation, Construction Management, Costing, Planning and Scheduling, Performance Testing

Product Development

Product Evaluation, Circuit Design, Software Programming, Performance Testing


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