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Priax Corporation


Priax Corporation headquarters offices are located at Sandy Creek Ranch in Eastern San Diego County, California. Because our facility is bounded by the Cleveland National Forest, we are not compromised by  the foot-traffic of nearby businesses nor the noise and radio interference normally associated with industrial parks.

Our facilities include full T-1 internet connectivity, video conferencing, fiber-optic communications backbone, and security perimeter with controlled entry. Offices distributed within the facility are connected with fiber-optic lines for information sharing and file transfer. A distributed programmable logic control system (PLC) throughout the facility interconnects security systems, watering systems, and field equipment under test. Our offices are equipped with state-of-the art computer hardware and software such as CAD, database, spreadsheet, and publishing. High resolution full color laser printing and plotting enables us to develop and print full-size drawings, manuals, and brochures on site.


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