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Priax Corporation

Security System Design

Priax Corporation’s security systems design and development history began in the late 1970s with the design and installation of all electronic security and building control systems for a jail complex.  That project led to many other projects where Priax personnel performed as system designers, system integrators and installation contractors.  Following those successful projects came the hardware and software design, development and installation of specialty high security systems that are still in use today.  Ask for project details.

Priax’ security design and development background includes surveillance (i.e., video, IR, thermal, and  radar), video analytics (i.e., motion detection, laser detection, license plate recognition, image detection), recognition systems (i.e., biometrics, image enhancement), perimeter security (i.e., fence mounted sensor, electrified fence, microwave, infrared, taut wire, buried sensor, motion detection), building systems (i.e., smart card access, perimeter sensors, volumetric sensors, infrared sensors), as well as the wired and wireless communications required to interconnect the security systems. 

Priax strength lies in the design and implementation of integrated security systems.  Often the optimized design will include integration of the security system, the communications system, and the display and response system. Contact us with the requirements for your project.


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