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Crowd Control

How Do You Control an Unruly Crowd?

Dealing with crowds is different from dealing with criminals or terrorists. Crowds are ordinary people gathering in spontaneous groups or legal assemblies. Anger or excitement sometimes incites a crowd into becoming a danger to its members and others. A group of fans after a ball game may let their excitement get out of hand. Or citizens participating in a demonstration may become confrontational. For whatever reason, a crowd can become unruly and dangerous. How do you establish control and still safeguard the lives of citizens?

Crowds always outnumber the police force, so gaining control can be difficult. The distance between the crowd and the officers can be from hundreds of feet to just a few inches. Once hand-to-hand conflict begins, it can quickly spread. However, you cannot use lethal force...after all, they are citizens. What is needed is a safe and effective means of diffusing the situation.

The Hydro-Force Series Pepper Spray Devices are specially designed for crowd control in civil populations. Our devices allow shooting distances as long as 60 feet or as short as a few feet in crowd conditions. All Hydro-Force devices utilize pressurized carbon dioxide gas or breathing air to safely propel a water-based food-grade pepper spray liquid and quickly suppress fighting and disperse large crowds. All units are either hand held or shoulder worn.  Hydro-Force chemicals are all food grade and contain only natural ingredients. NO cancer-causing chemicals are used.

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