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Priax Corporation

Consulting and Engineering

Priax Corporation offers a unique combination of engineering and technical services that can provide the specific kinds of assistance our customers need to complete their projects. Our services are especially helpful to small-to-medium-sized businesses that may not have the in-house personnel capable of providing the expertise needed. We can help our customers to cost-effectively conceptualize, budget, design, purchase, install, test, evaluate and complete projects. We specialize in physical security, wireless communications, and green energy systems.

Priax personnel have many years’ diverse experience covering most aspects of design, development, installation, testing, and evaluation of electronic security, wireless communications, and renewable energy projects. Our staff have experience as system integrators and security equipment manufacturers as well as expertise in product development and product evaluation, testing and analysis. Our documentation experience includes the preparation of grant proposals; GSA applications and other funding documents; and engineering plans, specifications and operations manuals.

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