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X-10 Accessories
Several accessories are available for the X-10 hand-held devices. A brief description is given here. More information is available from the X10 Accessories brochure. You may download the brochure from our Publications page.

  • Light Assembly
    The X-10 light assembly provides a high intensity low voltage lamp in a rugged enclosure for mounting in the X-10 probe tip. The lamp provides 50 watts of high power illumination forward of the probe tip. This light is useful when performing extractions in very dark cells or other areas.


  • Wall Mounting Bracket
    The X-10BK allows easy X-10 Extension Device storage when not in use. The heavy metal mounting bracket can be either wall mounted or railing mounted using two pipe clamps. The X-10BK is designed to hold the X-10 Extension Device with X-10C chemical cylinder included. The X-10 can be held at the food port plate or hung from the handle. The bracket can also be used to store the chemical cylinders alone.


  • Chemical Cylinders

    Each X-10 OC Extension Device or X-10SW Hand-held Sprayer requires a chemical cylinder. Chemical cylinders can be interchanged between the X-10 and X-10SW. The standard X-10C chemical cylinder provides 1-liter chemical capacity. A 1-liter bottle will provide about 13 bursts of chemical, each containing about 7 grams of OC. The X-10D 2-liter bottle provides approximately 25 bursts. The 1-liter cylinder is recommended for use with the X-10. The 1-liter or 2-liter is recommended for use with the X-10SW.



Soothe-Away Plus™ OC Neutralizer

 Soothe-Away Plus OC Neutralizer is a companion product to products using oleoresin capsicum (OC). Soothe-Away Plus dissipates the burning sensation created when OC comes in contact with skin. Installations using OC should have Soothe-Away Plus on hand for operators, maintenance personnel, and inmates or other subjects who handle or are marked by OC. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.

SootheAway Photo

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) Concentrate
RS-1 (Refilling Solution)
Oleoresin capsicum, or pepper spray, is a very effective less-than-lethal weapon. It is much safer and more environmentally friendly than previously used tear gas substances, CS and CN. OC solutions made from our concentrate are biodegradable, nonflammable, and easy to clean. For more information, you may download the brochure from our Publications page.


Chemical Refilling Kit
The refilling kit (Model RFK-1) consists of a refilling hose, funnel, leak detector fluid, replacement “O” rings and CO2 washers, Teflon tape, safety glasses, face mask, lubricant, Soothe-Away Plus OC neutralizer, Latex gloves, written instructions, and a convenient storage box. One refilling kit is recommended for each refilling location or facility that uses the X-10 chemical cylinders. One refilling kit is recommended for each chemical type loaded: oleoresin capsicum or inert solution.


Spray Wand Tips
Three accessory spray wand tips are available for use with the X-10SW hand-held sprayer. One straight or one Salinas wide angle tip is provided with purchase of the X-10SW.

  • 6210 Straight tip, 6-inch. Fits X-10SW gun-grip sprayer. Used for straight chemical shooting up to 45 feet.
  • 6220 Salinas wide, 6-inch. Fits X-10SW gun-grip sprayer. Used for 45-degree wide spray with up, down, or sideways shooting.
  • 6230 Flex extension, 18-inch, straight tip. Fits X-10SW gun-grip sprayer. Used for shooting under doors, around corners, etc., with up to 30-foot spray distance.


PepperJet Adapter
Item No. 6305
Model PJ-10

This adapter is required to fill the PepperJet when using the quick release hose contained in the Refilling Kit.


PepperJet Extension Hose
Item No. 6410
Model PJ-15
The 6-foot extension hose allows PepperJet OC fog delivery around corners, under doors, and in hard-to-reach areas.

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